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Lovely JANE

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(13 will catch her | she's falling)

[25 Jan 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

friends only from now on

(4 will catch her | she's falling)

pokadots and candy [25 Jan 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

went to the movies today
saw the butterfly effect
it was goooood

school tommorow

i'm gonna put picks up of my hair later on


i guess i am just a fucker


(she's falling)

[24 Jan 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i want to lay entwined with you forever
it is the most comfortable position to sleep
if only you wanted the same....

hair cut looks dumb
too short
can't wait for it to grow
i will try and make the best of it


(she's falling)

[23 Jan 2004|01:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

woo for haircuts
getting mine cut this afternoon
hope it looks alright
i gotta go to work tonight
that wasn't a hint or anything...

died my hair...it's a little different
no one wil notice it i bet
ohh well
no one ever notices me


(2 will catch her | she's falling)

[22 Jan 2004|08:58am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

my told me today that i have changed..she said i am dark,depressed and angry

fuck her

she is concerned because i am different
well, maybe i am so fucking sick of being at home
i can't stand it anymore
i need to be out with other people
i really hate being at home now
i am so sick of it!

(3 will catch her | she's falling)

[20 Jan 2004|09:21pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i hate fake people.ihate when people lie.i hate stupid people. i hate poeple who think they are better than others.i hate not being loved.i hate when i am the only who cares.i hate caring.i hate that i have to wonder how you feel about me, when i make it more than clear how i feel about you.i hate the fuckers i go to school with.i hate people who are unctuous.i hate waiting.i hate not knowing the answer to questions.i hate feeling sad.i hate feeling mad, i would rather be sad than mad.i hate being comforted by my mom(i don't know why).i hate talking about things when i really don't want to.i hate mornings.i hate talking in the morning.i hate when poeple tell me bad things about myself that i already know, why can't you tell me a good thing about me that i don't know.i hate people who stop at yeild signs.i hate people who don't yeild.i hate people who can't take my jokes.i hate poeple who are serious all the time.i hate not being able to make you happy, i try so hard to.i hate writing a long entry and then it gets deleted.i hate how no one comments in my journal, excpet for erinn.i hate when people treat others badly when they don't deserve it.i hate getting excited then getting let down.i hate when i can't sleep.i hate getting comfy then having to get up.i hate when i don't know the words to a song.i hate people who try to be someone or something they are not.i hate when i think about things and can't express them.


i love drawing.i love taking pictures.i love you.i love erinn.i love cait.i love my parents.i love lizzie.i love beautiful things.i love flowers.i love stars.i love looking at the stars at night.i love thinking.i love starbucks.i love cold drinks.i love music.i love the color red.i love painting.i love my art class.i love driving to far away places.i love getting lost.i love pictures.i love the 80's.i love chicken.i love laying down and doing nothing with you.i love being bored with you.i love getting out of school early.i love snow.i love snowdays.i love making videos.i love making love(have i ever?).i love my birthday.i love the fall.i love the spring.i love the winter.i love the summer.i loved this past summer.i love being an aesthete.i love words.i love the beauty in you.i love watching football with my dad, even though i hate football.i love going out to eat.i love movies.i love movie nights.i love wednesdays.i love thursdays.i love fridays.



(she's falling)

[20 Jan 2004|03:57pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Promises, promises I know I can keep.
In too deep. I'm in too deep, I'm in too deep to sleep,
But I, I'll be on that train. You better feel the same way.

You're in my heart. Three thousand miles away.
Right from the start, you were a challenge to me.

(she's falling)

[20 Jan 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | confused ]

everybody is thinking the same thing
don't think you are the only one who is feeling this way

(she's falling)

argh [19 Jan 2004|08:00am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i hate having to wake up this early in the morning

(2 will catch her | she's falling)

[18 Jan 2004|09:45pm]

(she's falling)

[18 Jan 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

1) using band names, spell out your name

M- movie life
E- electric six (thanks lovely!)
G- get up kids
A- alkaline trio

M- millencolin
A- azure ray
N- nirvana
E- the EXIES
I- ill nino (hahahaha)
L- led zepplin

2) have you ever had a song written about you? nope

3) what song makes you cry? no song does

4) what song makes you happy? spilled milk..i don't know why

5) what do you like to listen to before bed? bright eyes or jejune

(she's falling)

wooo [18 Jan 2004|09:02pm]
[ mood | high ]

this is my new lj...same i know, but different name


(3 will catch her | she's falling)

[18 Jan 2004|07:14pm]

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